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The Zoe Gilby Quartet
Zoe Gilby - Vocals
Mark Williams - Guitar
Andy Champion - Double Bass
Richard Brown - Drums

Mark has been working with Zoe Gilby ever since they met in 2003.

As a member of her regular Quartet Mark has appeared on Zoe's two most recent albums "Looking Glass" and  "Twelve Stories" (which he co-wrote material with Zoe and Andy).

They perform regularly throughout the UK and have played Jazz festivals in Morrocco and China.

The Riviera Quartet

Pete Tanton - Trumpet

Mark Williams - guitar

Andy Champion - Bass

Russ Morgan - Drums


Formed from past members of David Carneigie's "Extreme Measures" band, The Riviera Quartet play original music composed by Pete and Mark.

"The sound of the 1960s French Riviera rendered through a jazzy cocktail of bebop, hard driving blues and Latin-infused original tunes."

Is It Me - Zoe Gilby Quartet
In The Warm Room - Kate Bush


Graeme Wilson - Saxophone

Mark Williams - Guitar

Grandma was formed to play music that both Graeme and Mark had not performed in other bands.

They have played numerous gigs throughout the North East of England including the Gateshead International Jazz festival in 2013.

All The People - Grandma
Almost - Grandma


Mark Williams - Guitar

Andy Champion - Bass

Adrian Tilbrook - Drums

Leash formed in 2014 with the idea to play arranged jazz standards and contemporary pieces in an unconventional way.

MoHaWi Trio

Graham Hardy - Trumpet

Mark Williams - Guitar

Russ Morgan - Drums

A trio formed in 2016 playing original music by Graham Hardy.

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